Podcast: With the advent of SDN, asset management became increasingly difficult until B.Yond’s AI based INTEGRITY resolved the issue


Recorded and published by Telecom Reseller

Asset tracking is difficult. Asset tracking with SDN is next to impossible. Most carriers are having serious issues with their assets.

Rikard Kjellberg, Chief Product Officer at B.Yond describes to Don Witt of The Channel Daily News, a TR publication, the problems carriers are having today and how B.Yond is addressing them. Some assets may be lost, while others are being used without the carrier’s knowledge. When they are lost in the cloud, they are stranded and costing T1 carriers $100s of millions of dollars. Legacy technology cannot handle the network additions and deletions of SDN – they are too slow.

B.Yond addresses these issues with their software called INTEGRITY. When it is run on a network, it will identify the network components – bringing back integrity to the network.

The B.Yond software is billed based on then number of vendors involved and the size of the deployment.  Since it is subscription or MRR based, large and small carriers can easily handle the fees.