B.Yond Advances AI Collaboration as a Founding Member of LF Deep Learning Foundation

April 04, 2018 09:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--B.Yond today announced its founding membership of the LF Deep Learning Foundation, a Linux Foundation umbrella organization that will support and sustain open source innovation in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning. As part of the LF Deep Learning launch, the Linux Foundation also announced the Acumos AI Project, a platform for the development, discovery, and sharing of AI models and AI workflows.

B.Yond’s AI as a service platform is strongly aligned with the Acumos AI Project. The Acumos AI Project will provide an AI marketplace where organizations share models, data and APIs. B.Yond is conducting ground-breaking work in the AI and machine-learning fields and at MWC 2018 gave a live demonstration of its AI solution, which dynamically predicts usage patterns in real-time.

The Acumos project enables innovation in AI through open source and makes AI widely accessible to companies with an interest in AI and machine learning, while being customizable to meet specific needs. The group of members will work to create a common platform and standard for the exchange of machine-learning solutions allowing them to enhance their products with AI and transform the telecommunications industry.

“By joining and contributing to the LF Deep Learning Foundation, B.Yond is engaged in creating an ecosystem where AI models are perfected and shared,” said Paul-André Raymond, Senior Vice President, Technology at B.Yond. “Open source groups are becoming the new industry standards, and operators are actively seeking open source solutions to automate their systems and provide value-added services to their customers.”

B.Yond participates in several Linux Foundation open source group projects, including ONAP and Akraino to further develop AI, machine-learning, and automated systems to realize its vision to create The Infinite Network.


About B.Yond
B.Yond is an artificial intelligence company that develops automation software for operators seeking to capitalize on the move to 5G and the edge. Operators are at an inflection point, needing to transform from purely a network provider to a cloud platform. Focusing on faster data rates and lower latency is not enough. To truly capitalize and generate new revenue streams, they need their networks to operate autonomously; predict intelligently; and launch on-demand services cost effectively. There is only one way that all this can be achieved – through artificial intelligence-based automation software. This is what B.Yond does.