New Startup B.Yond Wants to Use Science and AI to Create “Unlimitable” Network

Published on ECN Mag

A new startup venture from Nexius called B.Yond is aiming to develop an “unlimitable” network with the help of network science and artificial intelligence (AI).

The spinoff company is reportedly working with industry heavy hitters to address major network challenges like data throughput, high latency, a massive number of edge devices, and data-rich services. B.Yond said its focus is on enabling a limitless network through the use of an “unbundled, technology-agnostic, virtualized, software-defined, (and) massively distributed” architecture. The company also plans to throw technologies like machine learning and AI into the mix.

Trials of its approach to network are already underway with “marquee customers and industry agitators,” B.Yond execs indicated.

“Working closely on trials with major players including Facebook, SK telecom, and the largest U.S. service providers, B.Yond has unparalleled insights into the mounting pressure the service providers are under. A paradigm shift is required,” B.Yond CEO Ned Taleb observed. “We will bring automation and artificial intelligence and services to market to solve a broken business model and unleash the potential of network assets for the benefit of society.”

While stateside carriers like AT&T and Verizon are already moving toward a virtualized network structure, the B.Yond team reportedly also brings a track record of work with Over-the-Top (OTT) technology as well as automation solutions and AI. This outside perspective could add an extra boost to the carriers’ virtualization efforts, Broadbandtrends Principal Analyst Teresa Mastrangelo said.

“Operators have legacy technology and mindsets that prohibit them from realizing the potential and capitalization of unbundled, software-defined networks,” Mastrangelo commented. “Companies like B.Yond that know how to apply automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are poised to redefine networking as we know it today.”

PublicationDaisy Tong