Asset & Inventory Reconciliation

Capitalizing on accurate, real-time visibility into operational network data.


The Challenge

Current solutions for inventory discovery and reconciliation are already challenged as evidenced by the amount of unaccounted for assets in networks today.

These stranded assets represent duplicate CapEx investment spending, under-utilized service capacity, and lost revenue.

The problem is going to become orders of magnitude more profound with virtual asset management. With the ongoing transformation to virtualized infrastructure, virtual network functions (VNF) and cloud platforms, comes the need for truly dynamic management of virtual resources.

Automation and machine learning are vital to this transformation. To clearly and completely envision the configuration of exponentially faster live and virtual networks, real-time data accuracy is required.


The Solution

INTEGRITY is an automated inventory reconciliation tool that helps ensure inventory systems provide an accurate, live view of underlying hardware and virtual network assets.

By improving inventory synchronization for increasingly complex networks, INTEGRITY enables the swift transition to:

  • Software-managed virtual workloads, including applications

  • Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

  • Virtual Network Functions (VNF)

INTEGRITY also builds your data foundations for 5G and the Infinite Network. With a precise view of your network, you can use the INFINITY platform to implement additional autonomous functions.


Case Study

Operator with $30B Revenues & 250K Network Elements (Wireless + Wireline)


1. ~$318M Gained through Improved Network Utilization: $318M includes $225M in CapEx savings from improved capacity planning

2. $120M+ in Increased Network Assets Value: Operator with $30B revenue typically loses ~$120M due to inventory inaccuracy


Key Features


Generic Data Model

Vendor-neutral data collection and organization accommodates technology and equipment updates.


Network Topology Visualization

Real-time, accurate network view of physical, logical, and service topologies.


Cloud-native micro-services architecture

Low change impact on the network through Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).


Functional Architecture


INTEGRITY is a foundational use case for the development of our INFINITY platform. Learn more about INFINITY