The Inventory Challenge

Service providers have a critical need for a database of record for all their operational layers and network technologies. Maintaining the accuracy of data in these systems is a major challenge. As networks become more complex as they move towards cloud-native, 5G and Edge how can you bring simplicity to operations?


B-YOND’S Asset optimization SOLUTIONs

B-Yond’s Integrity applies artificial intelligence and innovative graph theory to network data for a flexible and highly scalable open source solution. It is capable of integrating with any OSS/BSS platform to improve overall network asset management. Our solution can bring data integrity to multiple OSS/BSS, simultaneously. Our solutions in this category include:

  • Stranded Asset Audit: Audit tool for stranded asset recovery and revenue leakage

  • Inventory Optimization: Inventory assessment and optimization recommendation engine

  • Discovery & Reconciliation: Real-time inventory discovery and reconciliation engine

  • VNF License Management: License management tool for VNFs and service chains

  • Service Impact Analysis: Network inventory to service fulfillment correlation engine

Key features

  • Automated data ingestion

  • Fully integrated Life-Cycle-Management – remain in sync with network changes

  • Cloud-native implementation

  • Integrate with any and multiple OSS/BSS

  • Support for bare metal & cloud deployments

  • Future proof network asset visibility: support for physical, virtual, wireline, wireless, access, transport, and RAN networks.

Business Benefits

Improve financial value of your assets: By recovering stranded assets, increase revenue and profits from your CapEx.
Case Study Results: 6%-10% in increased network assets value, and 50% YoY CapEx savings, with the elimination of stranded assets.

Reduce revenue leakage: With accurate network data, reduce/eliminate revenue leakage from your provisioning processes.
Case Study Results: 25% known revenue leakage prevented for a Tier 1 operator.

Increase network agility: DevOps and adaptable network models accelerate revenue with shorter time to market.
Case Study Results: Up to 30% reduction per year in professional services adapting to network changes.

Automate network maintenance: Accurate network data provides the ability to automate root cause analysis (RCA) and reduce OpEx on mean time to resolution/repair (MTTR) & truck rolls.