CSPs are investing heavily in data lakes and analytics solutions. However, they need actionable business insights that can be monetized to drive new revenue streams. On the other hand, as enterprises increasingly look to network their business processes and leverage upcoming 5G network capabilities, they need assurance that the networks are functioning as per desired performance levels needed to support their critical business functions.

Crucially, CSPs have not been able to offer the type of real-time performance tracking and analytics solutions that offer the level of transparency that can help bridge this divide between the CSP and their enterprise customers.



Comprehensive upsell/cross-sell recommendation solution offered as a cloud-based service to provide CSP business executives key insights to make relevant investment decisions and drive topline growth. Also includes executive dashboards to offer CSPs and their enterprise customers with real-time transparent information on key network performance KPIs. Specific solutions in this category include:

  • Analytics as a Service: Service impact analysis from network performance, coverage and device performance

  • Sales Recommendation Engine: Upselling recommendation engine

Key features

  • Machine learning (ML)-based root cause analysis (RCA) providing insights for actionable path to resolution

  • Upsell/cross-sell recommendations to assist CSP business executives identify opportunities for topline growth

  • Increased transparency through dashboards tailored for business, customers, and operations  

Business & Customer Benefits

Real-time visibility into actual and forecasted network performance for compliance and revenue assurance.

Data driven upsell and cross-sell recommendations to drive topline growth.

Single pane of glass for both CSPs and their enterprise customers to monitor and track key network performance KPIs.