ENTERPRISE SERVICE experience Challenges

Enterprise business is increasingly becoming important to telco P&L’s, especially as they roll out 5G and virtualized networks and critical business processes come online. However, CSPs have faced a number of challenges in effectively supporting their enterprise customers, including:

  • No visibility to service degradation root cause  

  • Low transparency due to static SLA reporting makes it harder to backup committed SLAs 

  • Revenue loss/churn due to missed SLAs 

  • Lack of predictive capability to proactively address potential service degradation issues

  • Lack of visibility into customer profile for upsell support 

  • Actionable data: Raw SLA KPIs are difficult to interpret by non-technical resources. Translating this data into actionable business insights is challenging. Dependency on network organization for root cause identification 

  • Visibility into real customer experience requires agent installation on the device which is costly and non-viable for a lot of devices (iPhone, IoT devices...)



Comprehensive analytics solution to monitor and predict enterprise service experience based on network data, coverage and device data. Offers CSP business executives key insights to make relevant investment decisions to meet and exceed their service performance obligations. Specific solutions in this category include:

  • Enterprise Service Experience: Enterprise Service Experience

  • Proactive Subscriber Management: Performance analysis of subscriber service experience

  • Device Triage: Agentless IoT device analytics and RCA

  • IoT Status Check: Agentless handset/CPE device analytics and RCA

Key features

  • Machine learning (ML)-based root cause analysis (RCA) providing insights for actionable path to resolution 

  • Increased transparency through dashboards tailored for business, customers, and operations  

  • Location profitability impact metrics to assess P&L impact of service performance degradation

  • Preemptive detection of defective device-specific issues 

  • Proactive resolution of device-related issues (handsets, IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M)) to reduce poor customer service perception & experience   

Business Benefits

Real-time visibility into actual and forecasted SLAs for compliance and revenue assurance.

Proactive and predictive account maintenance.

Reduced mean time to resolution/repair (MTTR) with root cause analysis and optimized data communications with operational divisions.

Reduce revenue leakage due to No Fault Found (NFF) returns.

Improve network performance (assurance).

Improve subscriber quality of experience (decrease churn).

Proactive and predictive account maintenance.