B.Yond INFINITY Platform

Capitalize on the transformation to a cloud platform without cannibalizing current revenue streams.



Operators are at an inflection point, transitioning from network providers to network clouds. Faster data rates and lower latency are not enough. This requires a web scale model, effectively making current operational models, processes and tools obsolete.

Today’s Operational Support Systems (OSS) solutions are reactive, rules-based, and only focus on static hardware layers. With the introduction of virtual resources, managed via software, the network fundamentally changes from a static to a dynamic topology. This calls for a new approach to operationalizing the network of the future.

Generating new revenue streams requires fully autonomous networks that predict intelligently and launch on-demand services cost-effectively. Artificial Intelligence-based automation software is the only solution.

B.Yond is disrupting the traditional Telco-Vendor relationship with INFINITY, by providing a platform that allows rapid innovation, differentiation and focus on developing for business needs. B.Yond INFINITY platform leverages artificial intelligence, combining real-time predictive analytics with automation to enable self-provisioning, self-optimizing, and self-healing networks.

INFINITY is powered by B.Yond’s proprietary Intelligent Element Framework (IEF), where AI functions coexist, cooperate, and continuously optimize the autonomous operation of networks. IEF expands AI capabilities by allowing discrete algorithms to interconnect, collaborate and exchange information, data, actions (just like our brain) to deliver:

  • Predictive analytics

  • Proactive action

  • Closed loop automation


Key Benefits


Cloud-native micro-services architecture

Low change impact on the network through Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). For example: the ability to add/delete servers with zero downtime.


Network Topology Visualization

Real-time, accurate network view of physical, logical, and service topologies.


Generic Data Model

Vendor-neutral data collection and organization accommodates technology and equipment updates.


Intelligent Element Framework (IEF)

AI communication and ‘learning’ framework providing the extraction of, and capitalization on, intricate network relationships impossible to achieve with traditional analysis or any other AI approach.


Intelligent Elements (IE)

Flexible and configurable IE choreography (multi-dimensional “chaining”). IEs become building blocks for other elements.


Platform Strategy

The IEF is enriched through contributions by B.Yond, our partners, and our customers.


Functional Architecture


INFINITY: One platform, multiple solutions. Learn more about our platform’s foundational building block: INTEGRITY, and our first use cases: Smart CapEx, Root Cause Analysis Automation, and Device Performance Triage


open source APPROACH

Leverage the right technology for the right job.

Our customers benefit from the integration of many open source technologies into our platform and products. We believe in, and are supportive of, open source communities that strive to build highly functional software with beautiful lean code.

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