B.Yond Sponsored POWER HOUR @ MWC Barcelona 2018

Breaking All the Rules with AI Predictions

B.Yond conducted a live and interactive demonstration of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution at MWC Barcelona 2018.

Johnny Ghibril, VP, Data Science and Solutions Architecture, led the audience through a series of media streaming scenarios as B.Yond’s AI solution dynamically predicted patterns in real-time, based on audience behavioral data. B.Yond was a MWC Power Hour Sponsor where C-level executives discussed the impact of The Infinite Network, latest AI and machine learning technologies and how operators can capitalize network automation.

Watch the full demo (35mins)

Trailer (50secs)


Practical Application of AI in 5G Networks

B.Yond’s Johnny Ghibril, VP, Data Science & Solutions Architecture, joins industry leaders to discuss advancements in network automation.

Automation isn’t new; just look at the history of SON. However our future smart, distributed, sliced, interoperable networks will be a great leap beyond what we know now, generating new ways of doing business, new KPIs and new uncertainties. This discussion delves into today’s successes; the business, operational and technical issues to be resolved; and what we can learn from web-scale players.

Watch the full presentation (6mins)

Trailer (20secs)