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Breaking Through Scale Barriers: Packet Analysis in Production Networks

Managing and diagnosing production network data at scale presents a formidable challenge.

Traditional data analysis methods fall short, relying on abstraction and aggregation that sacrifice the precision vital for frontline diagnostics in production.

Learn how to scale Packet Analysis in Production Networks by focusing on When instead of How. Watch this webinar to learn when to do packet analysis.

There are 3 production use cases we will cover:

  • Service Assurance for Enterprise Customers (SLA).
  • VIP Assurance.
  • Streamlining Operations Leveraging existing Probes Footprint.

Explore how advancements in AI and innovations in data representation have unlocked the ability to use optimal data sets, such as PCAPs, for comprehensive production network diagnostics.Topics to look forward to:

  1. The limitations of conventional data sets like Performance Management (PM), Fault Management (FM), and aggregate probe data for in-depth network diagnostics.
  2. The intricate challenges of conducting analysis on optimal data sets, such as PCAPs and network logs, at scale.
  3. How AI unlocks creative innovations in data representation.
  4. Practical insights into the application of these technologies and the hurdles that lie ahead

For telecom professionals and engineers seeking to harness the full potential of their networks, this webinar shares groundbreaking diagnostics capabilities.

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About Our Speaker:

Our distinguished speaker for this webinar is Anand Ravi, a seasoned Engineer and Lead Architect at B-YOND.

Anand Ravi holds a Master's degree in Telecommunications, and has over a decade of hands-on experience in network testing and operations. Anand is an expert in 5G network troubleshooting and packet analysis.