The Journey to the Infinite Network


The Journey to the Infinite Network


The Infinite Network can scale almost infinitely, is available everywhere, and has the flexibility to launch new services instantaneously. This is an automated network that can self-optimize — from application deployment and predicting scalability requirements to adjusting resource allocation and full life cycle alarm management.

STAGE 1 - Assessment and Planning

For operators to transform into a digital organization, they need to consider business objectives, people & process, and technology. B.Yond guides the operator through this activity. The result is a plan that shows how the operator can optimize, prioritize, and invest to realize the potential of emerging technologies, such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), and autonomous networks.

STAGE 2 - Dis-aggregate Infrastructure

Network dis-aggregation is the key driver for NFV and SDN, two technologies that are critical for 5G. In addition, it prepares for life cycle management of other workloads as well, such as Over-The-Top (OTT) applications. With B.Yond's expertise, service providers can rapidly roll out telco data centers with common virtual infrastructure and platform services efficiently and effectively. B.Yond can help reduce the uncertainties with total cost of ownership (CAPEX & OPEX) during the transformation.

STAGE 3 - VNF & Workload Enablement

IT software development has struggled to rapidly deploy new capabilities while maintaining a highly stable production environment. The DevOps model solved this challenge and revolutionized software-based services delivery. B.Yond is bringing proven DevOps practices and tools such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), continuous testing and monitoring, and automation to network operations for fully automated life cycle management and reduced supply chain cycles.

STAGE 4 - Operationalize

Dis-aggregated networks and cloud native workloads increase the scale and complexity of network management, leading to operational challenges. This can only be addressed through automation on a programmable network infrastructure. B.Yond offers highly efficient data collection, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics, integrated into hybrid network infrastructure through Applicaton Programming Interfaces (API’s) to continuously optimize the network in real time.

STAGE 5 - Edge Cloud

Edge cloud will offer localized cloud computing capabilities to support low latency and high bandwidth applications. However, with the volume of edge clouds between thousands and possibly tens of thousands, operators need intelligent and automated life cycle management. With B.Yond's network data offerings, powered by Machine Learning (ML), operators can normalize life cycle management and accelerate their move to the edge. B.Yond’s innovative AI chaining technology allows the AI functions to be deployed at the edges as well as centrally, always interconnected and collaborating to manage the constant changes of the networked cloud.

STAGE 6 - Autonomous Network

Increasingly complex networks demand autonomous management in real time. B.Yond products are powered by AI/ML for network data gathering, data analysis, network insights, closed loop automation and continuous learning. With B.Yond, operators can realize a true autonomous network that enables new business models and revenue streams.