Simplify 4G & 5G Network Troubleshooting
and Analysis

B-Yond brings machine learning and artificial intelligence to telecom network operators all over the world.

  • More reliable and faster 5G rollouts

  • Automated packet analysis

  • Intelligent root cause identification

  • Network failures knowledge bases

  • Seamless troubleshooting of PCAPs

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We empower teams to resolve 4G & 5G network issues sooner, faster and at scale through AI-Powered Automation.

B-Yond automates the diagnostics process for network operators Worldwide through advanced packet analytics integrated with our extensive knowledge base. Our workflow automation engine is delivered as a companion to the engineering team (via its user interface) or integrated into the overall diagnostics workflow (via its API).

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August 4 - 8, 2024


JUNE 10-14, 2024


Join the Largest Network Operators Scaling Network Protocol Analysis with B-YOND

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Call Flows
PCAPs Processed since August 2022

Reduce the Time and Cost to Certify New Devices and Perform Health Checks by 50% or Greater

Streamline post launch optimization and maintenance.

Key Product Features

Improve Network Lifecycle with Comparative Analysis

By employing machine learning to conduct a thorough comparison of thousands of network data points before and after any configuration change, AGILITY provides network operators with critical insights.

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Future-Proof Your Network with Real-Time Failure Detection

AGILITY empowers your network to adapt and respond to issues instantaneously, significantly reducing downtime and maintaining the integrity of your services.

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Access Unmatched Diagnostic Precision

Our AI-driven approach not only speeds up problem resolution but also significantly enhances operational efficiency, allowing your team to focus on delivering superior network performance.

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A-CHAT, Your AI-Powered Conversational Interface

Designed for telecom engineers and network operators, A-CHAT transforms complex data queries into simple conversations. Enhance your operational efficiency with rapid, AI-driven insights tailored to your specific needs, all through an effortless chat interface.

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Network Topology Detection

Automatic resolution of network elements' role, name, and topology.

AI-Powered 4G & 5G Network Troubleshooting & Analysis Dashboard B-yond
Analysis of 4G & 5G Network Troubleshooting using AI

Critical Failure

Instant call flow classification as success, warning and failure.

Root Cause

Identify errors and isolate the network
function where it occurred.

Analysis Details in B-yond Dashboard
Analysis of 4G & 5G Network Troubleshooting using AI

Detect and Visualize
Call Flows

Illustrate the sequence of messages on a ladder diagram, with protocol and network element level errors, and golden callflow comparison.

AGILITY Redefines Test Automation and Accelerates Time-to-Market

Success Story

AGILITY has transformed the network testing landscape for a Tier 1 North American Operator by streamlining processes and significantly reducing time-to-market for new features.By utilizing Continuous Validation (CV) and Continuous Testing (CT) with a comprehensive AI Repository, B-Yond has achieved remarkable results in network quality and efficiency, enabling the operator to stay ahead in the competitive market.

Decreased OPEX

An average test cost reduction of 50%.

Faster rollouts

Time-to-Market for new features accelerated.

Improved process efficiency

Test life cycles decreased from hours to minutes.

Increased capacity & NPS

10x increase in test capacity improves network quality & hastens resolution times.

Solve Critical Network Issues Faster and With Less Effort

Leverage AI and ML to reduce the time and costs of repeated investigations on recurring patterns of network failures.