B-Yond is pushing the limits of data science to accelerate the cloud transformation of your network.


Our software is developed for cloud and powered by Artificial Intelligence to enable predictive, autonomous network operation at web scale.

Self-configurable, self-optimized, self-healing.

INFINITY, enables our customers, partners and B-Yond to rapidly implement use cases based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that support the Telcos transformation to cloud platforms.


Our customers are Network Operators seeking to capitalize on the move to 5G and the Edge.

Operators are at an inflection point, needing to transform from purely a network provider to a cloud platform.

Focusing on faster data rates and lower latency is not enough.

To truly capitalize and generate new revenue streams, they need to operate at web scale. There is only one way that all this can be achieved – through AI-based automation software. This is what B-Yond does.


We are enriching the human experience by unleashing the power of the Infinite Network.