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AGILITY is where network anomalies are predicted, detected, and resolved.

B-Yond provides continuous validation of network services and continuous assurance that those services deliver value to your users.

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How We Deliver Value

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Automation Solutions for
Network Service Delivery Optimization

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B-Yond Solutions Agility AI-Driven CSP Network Operations Optimization
B-Yond Agility AI-Driven CSP Network Operations Optimization Solutions

AGILITY provides end-to-end automation of the testing lifecycle driven by Pre-Trained telco ML models for Root Cause Analysis and Anomaly Detection.

AGILITY Improves Network Resilience

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AGILITY delivers unprecedented value to telcos through powerful machine learning & automation that replaces and outperforms costly, labor-intensive, manual analysis and troubleshooting processes.

Root Cause Analysis 

  • Applies machine learning models to automate test analyses & troubleshooting & predict the Root Cause for failures

Anomaly Detection & Prediction

  • Provides service assurance through continuous monitoring & impact analysis

Automated Labs

  • Reduces costs by making your pre-production environment predictable, scalable, & zero-touch

Mobility Lab Portal

  • Observability portal to monitor network and service health. Visualization of health check status, testing activities, maintenance, and issues through a dynamic dashboard.

Real Benefits

Automate Root Cause Analysis with Continuous Testing & Continuous Validation

  • Achieve up to a 10X increase in RCA coverage accompanied by cost reductions of up to 75%​

Ensure network continuity and fault minimization through predictive measures & increase network automation up to 4X compared to manual execution

  • Predict issues 36 minutes ahead of failures, thereby allowing for remediation that prevents customer impact


Optimize lab launch & implementation: 

  • Increase lab lineup availability with up to a  33% reduction in lab lineup durations (from 9 months to 3 months)​​

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