B-Yond is one of the fastest growing network Artificial Intelligence companies.

We are the Leader in Network Intelligence and Operations Automation. B-Yond offers Industrialized AI, hardened at the world’s largest Service Providers. Our patent-pending technology ingests and analyzes the most complex network data, enabling network operations automation and enhanced customer experience. This results in optimized network operations, CapEx avoidance and new possibilities of monetizing the network.


Why Choose B-Yond?

No other company provides the depth of insights that B-Yond delivers using only network-generated data. Data that is comprehensive, covers every connected device in your network, whether handset, M2M, or IoT.


Strong Telecommunications Pedigree

The B-Yond team and the extended family brings an incredible depth of experience with every data asset within the Communications Service Provider space. We utilize this knowledge to glean insights into every aspect of the customer experience via the network.


Unparalleled Access to Data

In order to develop the models that B-Yond brings to the market, it has been necessary to develop and foster relationships with our customers and partners that has provided us with unprecedented access to data that fuels these learnings and algorithms.


Deep AI Expertise

We are an Artificial Intelligence company with telecom engineering at heart. We have patented technologies aimed at developing the optimal Operator AI platform. We understand the nuances unique to our space and we have tailored our solution to navigate it.


Laser-like Approach

The operators’ networks generate a wealth of data that is unparalleled by any other industry, B-Yond understands its full potential and have focused our efforts on maximizing its potential. Our algorithms, automations, and solutions focus first and foremost on extracting the most in-depth insights that exist in the market, that can be enriched by external data sources, but not dependent on them.


Our AI Technology


B-Yond INFINITY was developed with focus on the transformation from static hardware-based, to dynamic cloud-based networks, powered by virtualized network functions and workloads. The platform allows for balance between capital investment and allocation of on-demand virtual resources.


We recognize that the pace of change is increasing, enabled by this transformation, facilitated by cloud, accelerated by 5G and, driven by business necessity. Done right, our customers can finally capitalize on the transformation instead of cannibalizing existing investments in infrastructure, applications and services.

Leveraging leading open source technologies and designed to be cloud agnostic, INFINITY consists of a highly scalable, real-time ingestion engine, data analytics framework and business process interface, enabling the industrialization of AI. It is powered by a proprietary Intelligent Element Framework (IEF), where AI functions coexist, cooperate, and continuously optimize for low-touch operation of networks.

We believe a paradigm shift in technology solutions is required, from static code, to dynamic configuration. Our meta-data model, together with a dynamic network topology system, allows INFINITY to automatically adapt to constant changes in the network without need to update software or other manual intervention.


Our Network Automation Solutions