Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Insights for Packet Capture Analysis

Boost productivity and significantly reduce the time spent on manual analysis of PCAPs.

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Telco Engineers Trust AGILITY to Accelerate Network Troubleshooting and Analysis

Interactive Call Flow Visualization

Navigate through dynamic visualizations of call flow extractions to swiftly identify and address Root Errors in your network.

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AI-Powered 4G & 5G Network Troubleshooting & Analysis | B-YOND

In-depth Protocol Level Analysis

Examine granular, protocol-specific information to uncover hidden anomalies and network issues

Intelligent Root Error Identification

Utilize machine learning-driven insights to automatically detect Root Errors, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual identification.

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B-Yond Agility API Dshboard

Accelerated Root Cause Identification

Expedite troubleshooting with machine learning-powered root cause identification that pinpoints network problems with precision.

Comprehensive Call Flow History

Access a rich repository of past network issue resolutions to inform and streamline network challenges.

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Agility API Dashboard - B-Yond

Insightful Call Flow Summary & Deviation KPIs

Assess network issue severity by contrasting real-time deviation scores with historical average KPI network scores for informed decision-making.

Security You Can Trust with AGILITY

Experience top-tier data protection and compliance in a cloud-native SaaS solution. AGILITY adheres to the Cloud Security Alliance's highest standards, so you can focus on your business with peace of mind.

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Unmatched Flexibility with AGILITY
on Any Cloud

Deploy AGILITY on your internal cluster with a simple, fully automated, operator. Enable a hassle-free integration with existing infrastructure.

B-Yond Cloud

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Your Cloud

  • Any public cloud or on-premise Kubernetes cluster managed by you​
  • Download our operator and
    self-perform guided deployment​
  • Fully automated setup and configuration​
  • Your data remains on-premise and
    never leaves​
  • Fully secure
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Fast Detection Processing Times

Reduce analysis time from hours to under 5 minutes.


Can process multiple GBs of packets with intuitive sequence diagrams, automatic network detection, procedure & protocol level analysis to quickly pinpoint the remediation path for any issue.


Call flow visualization, analytics, detection stats, and root error history add value and accelerate device certification and health checks.

Improved Ticket Management

A reduction in premature closing of JIRA tickets, and increased visibility for end-to-end Next Gen 911 call flow and PCAP validation.

Superior Issue Prioritization

AI-driven analysis allows for 95% improvement in SIP and Geolocation failure prioritization.

Advanced Security

Data privacy and security ensures that sensitive network information remains protected and confidential.

Experience the Transformative Process Power of AGILITY

Gain efficiency in your network analysis and troubleshooting workflow. Accelerate root cause identification.

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