Comprehensive KPIs for Reliability & Availability

AGILITY Control Plane and User Plane metrics enable operators to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot network issues effectively, ensuring seamless customer experience.

Network Performance Indicators

Configurable Network Performance Indicator

AGILITY offers configurable network performance indicators for both network-level KPIs and call flow-level KPIs, providing a holistic view encompassing both macro and granular insights.

Network KPI Benefits

Efficient Troubleshooting

KPIs offer valuable insights for identifying and resolving network issues promptly.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Monitoring KPIs ensures optimal Quality of Experience, minimizing the number of Customer Complaints.

Customizable Thresholds

AGILITY allows you to set thresholds for KPIs, enabling proactive monitoring and timely alerts for performance deviations.

Optimize Your Network Performance with AGILITY KPIs

Unlock the full potential of your network with AGILITY's advanced performance indicators. Start optimizing your network reliability and customer experience today.