B-Yond Delivers
AI-powered Network Automation Solutions to Communication Service Providers Worldwide

Reduce OPEX and gain a competitive edge with streamlined packet capture troubleshooting and analysis.

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What We DO

B-Yond delivers AI-powered network automation solutions to Communication Service Providers worldwide.
We solve the long pole in go-to-market for network services
and workloads: The triage and root cause of the technology lifecycle.
This slow, data-heavy, and manual process is accelerated by several orders of magnitude. In the process, we capture a continuously increasing pool of tribal knowledge, which leads to further optimization.

Our products are deployed at some of the largest communication service providers (CSPs) in the World, including the top three in North America.

We have captured decades of domain intelligence in our Machine Learning (ML) models and packaged this into our product – AGILITY.
We accelerate the transformation of network operation from years to days by enabling AI informed decisions that automate the mundane. We bring simplicity to an inherently complex environment, enabling our customers to focus on taking action instead of asking what actions to take. Those actions can be automated too!
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Our Journey

Our founding team has a proven track record across CSPs, telecommunications, cloud, networking, and AI. Over the past two decades, we have bootstrapped successful businesses that employ thousands of people. ​
Today, we are delivering the transformation journey and automation required to operate the network cloud at web scale.

Our Values

Dream B-Yond

Forward Thinking, Creative, & Boldly Imaginative

Explore uncharted territories,
constantly experiment, and
discover new insights. Ask
"What if..?", pursue game
changers, and make them
a reality.

Care to Create Wisdom

Boldly Transparent, Genuine, & Confident

Learn from failure. Get back
up, stand tall, and believe
YOU can pursue everything
you do with passion, tenacity,
and impact.

Dare to Be Authentic

Fearlessly Vocal, Intellectually
Stimulating, & Thoughtfully

Have the courage to do things
differently and forge your path
with a unique style. Be relevant
and inspire others by being
your true self.

B. Unstoppable

Resilient, Relentlessly
Driven, & Persistent

Touch lives around you and BYond. Be mindful, consciously
present, and kind. See the
strength in others, encourage
them, and help unlock our
collective potential.

Debate Anyone

Thoughtful, & Empowering

Logic prevails over titles and
seniority – always. So challenge
with purpose, debate with
passion, and check your ego at
the door.

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Our Leadership Team

Ned Taleb
Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, founder, and bootstrapper of multiple product and solutions companies, including exits to public unicorns. E&Y entrepreneur of the year. MBA from McGill and B.Sc in Engineering from AUB.

Rikard Kjellberg

Founder with successful exits. Leadership roles at Mirantis, Citrix (Cloud.com), Openwave, SAAB. M.Sc. in Computer Science & Business Systems from Stockholm University.

Jon MacHarg
VP, Sales

Sales leader and growth catalyst. 25 years representing innovative technologies, creating value for communications companies and large enterprises. Former submarine officer and naval nuclear engineer. B.S. in Systems Engineering from U.S. Naval Academy.

Murat Bilgic
VP, Technology Realization & Distinguished Engineering

Telco domain expert with 15+ years in technology leadership roles at TMO, Nortel, EXFO and others. Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University.

Lisa Woodruff
VP, Client Delivery

Program & business leadership experience from Ericsson, Marconi, Nexius, and others. B.A. in Liberal studies. MBA & Project Management from City University.

Ricky Boyle
SVP, Solutions Transformation

Solutions expert with 20+ years of experience in communications, media and energy industries. Contributed to NetCracker’s network growth into a global solutions provider. B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Nathanael Weill​
Director, Data Science ​

Leadership positions at LANDR and CGI. 15+ years of experience in Data Science (DS). Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences. Lecturer and advisor in DS. Applied AI certificate at McGill.​

Charles Abondo
VP, Product Engineering

Software, cloud and machine learning evangelist. Leadership roles at Canadian National, Tata Communications and others. Ph.D. in Computer Science from Polytechnique Montreal.

Our Offices

To best serve our global client base, our offices are situated in tech hubs across North America.
Front view of a beautiful building
​531 Sherbrooke St E, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 1K2, Canada
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11241 Willows Road NE Building C, Suite 140 Redmond, WA 98052, USA