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Live Demo of Real-Time Network Failure Prediction

How Real-Time Network Failure Prediction Enhances QoE for VIP Customers

Managing network performance for VIP customers demands both precision and foresight. Unfortunately, traditional network diagnostics methods often fall short in providing either.

This puts network engineers at a disadvantage. 

Instead of proactively preventing issues, they’re forced to react to network problems as they occur, scrambling to fix a situation before it negatively impacts the Quality of Experience for users — especially VIP customers who expect seamless, uninterrupted service.

Real-time network failure prediction changes the game. It empowers network engineers to foresee and prevent issues, ensuring a streamlined experience for your most-valued customers.

In this exclusive webinar, you’ll witness a live demonstration of real-time failure prediction and discover how it can significantly enhance the Quality of Experience for your VIP users.

Why should you attend?

You’ll learn how to stay one step ahead of network issues.

This webinar is essential for network professionals and engineers aiming to improve their network's reliability and user satisfaction. By participating, you’ll gain practical solutions and forward-thinking strategies to ensure the QoE for your VIP users.

Save your spot today to ensure uninterrupted service for your most-valued customers.

What’s covered in this webinar?

  • Live Demonstration: See real-time failure prediction in action.
  • Practical Use Case: Obtain hands-on experience through a real-world network production use case focused on VIP Quality of Experience.
  • User Experience Insights: Gain practical advice for enhancing QoE through B-Yond’s latest advancements.

At B-Yond, we revolutionize the diagnostics process for network operators worldwide through advanced packet analytics integrated with our extensive knowledge base. Our cutting-edge workflow engine automates diagnostics, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

About Our Speaker:

Anand Ravi, Lead Architect at B-Yond, will guide you through this live demonstration of real-time network failure prediction.

With a Master's degree in Telecommunications, Anand has more than a decade of experience in network analysis, testing, and operations. His specific area of expertise is in 5G network troubleshooting and packet analysis.