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5G Lab: Network Slicing and Observability

The evolution of 5G networks continues to demand greater efficiency and better performance. To meet these demands, network professionals have to push forward and find the latest methods to ensure their 5G networks are running optimally.

In our previous webinar on building a 5G SA Core Lab, we discussed the importance of the Lab environment for engineers and operators as it allows them to experiment, test, and fine-tune services that deliver that type of efficiency.

In this webinar, we dive deep into two key features for 5G Labs:

Network Slicing: How to use this critical feature to enable multiple independent networks to exist in the same physical network; and

Observability: Why configuring containers and setting up an observability stack can provide greater monitoring and visualization.

These two features are integral to ensuring the efficiency and performance of the modern networks right now and into the future.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The intricate workings and strategic applications of Network Slicing in 5G technology.
  • Step-by-step guidance on configuring containers and deploying an observability stack.
  • Best practices for leveraging these features in 5G Labs to enhance network performance and reliability.
  • Insights into how 5G Lab advancements are shaping and will continue to shape the future of telecommunications.

Watch now, on-demand and embrace the full potential of 5G Lab features.

About Our Speaker

Guiding you through this session is Jorge Soriano, a B-Yond Mobile Network Engineer with more than 15 years of experience.

Jorge's expertise spans the design, installation, and support of Fixed Networks, Telco Cloud Infrastructure, Network Management Systems, and OSS platforms. Specializing in LTE EPC and 5G technologies, Jorge blends practical know-how with theoretical understanding in a way that will make every minute of this webinar as engaging as it is informative.​