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Bridging the Gap from 4G to 5G Standalone: Decoding EPS Fallback

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the technicalities of EPS-Fall Back voice calls in a transition from 4G to 5G networks.

This immersive session aims to demystify the complexities of voice call connectivity between the two generations of networks, guiding you through the intricate architecture and procedures involved.

In this webinar, you will gain valuable insights on:

  • The architecture of voice call connectivity between 4G and 5G
  • Detailed procedures, protocols, and network functions involved in EPS-Fall Back voice calls
  • Deep understanding of information elements and attributes that constitute a successful or "golden" call flow
  • Identifying and addressing catastrophic failures, warnings, and root errors swiftly
  • Leveraging applied AI and machine learning in complex troubleshooting scenarios

Register today to elevate your knowledge and readiness for the 4G to 5G transition!

About the Speaker

Our distinguished speaker for this webinar is Anand Ravi, a seasoned Engineer and Lead Architect at B-YOND.

Anand Ravi holds a Master's degree in Telecommunications, and has over a decade of hands-on experience in network testing and operations. Anand is an expert in 5G network troubleshooting and packet analysis.