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Eliminating Knowledge Barriers through Generative AI

Accessing mission critical information can be difficult for even the most established network engineer. Telecommunications technology is constantly moving forward and every telco has proprietary systems and tools that require specific and exclusive knowledge.

This is especially true in multi-vendor environments where reviewing documentation requires a single engineer to understand the prompts and errors within each vendor’s products. This takes time, money and expertise to complete.

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) have the capability to drastically reduce the complications and cost of accessing this type of critical information. The advanced technology breaks down barriers, making complex knowledge easily accessible, even to those without extensive domain expertise. 

For telecom professionals, this has the potential to make the entire industry more efficient, informed, and innovative.

In this webinar, you’ll discover first-hand how: 

  • Open source applications can simplify access to even the most complex reference documentation and knowledge.
  • Generative AI can make mission critical information easily available through user-friendly natural language interfaces.
  • LLMs can empower engineers to quickly engage with intricate data, enhancing productivity and leveling the playing field.

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About Our Speaker:

Guiding you through this important session is Patryk Debicki, VP of Solution Development at B-YOND. Patrick’s passion for network automation is only matched by his wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. His reputation for using state of the art technology to deliver real business advantages to telcos is well-established, all combining to make his webinar on Generative AI and LLMs a must-see.