Author: B.Yond

Nine Steps for a Successful Workload Mobility Transformation

Advancements in virtualization technologies are now making it easier for operators to virtualize existing applications. This is enabling operators to transform their workloads into a new operational model that allows them to meet changing business requirements. This new paradigm is called workload mobility.

This whitepaper will discuss nine steps for a successful workload mobility transformation, including:

  1. Assessment

  2. Systems Configuration

  3. Network Design

  4. Security

  5. and more...


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Author: B.Yond

Applying a Big Data Solution to Legacy Inventory Discovery & Reconciliation Functions

Inaccurate inventory can wreak havoc on any company; but in an industry as volatile as telecom, the issue becomes magnified. Misallocated or missing resources can severely impact network performance, in turn affecting customer experience. Thanks to inventory reconciliation and discovery systems, these issues can be more effectively managed by automatically finding and rectifying discrepancies. Not all of these systems are created equally, though.

An effective system should:

  • Utilize open source software

  • Efficiently process huge amounts of data

  • Run on commodity hardware

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